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Evolve9 and BounxSport Today Announced that the World Leading Under 10s Kids Tennis Development Program is Embedded on Bounx NEW YORK, USA 11 FEBRUARY 2022 – BOUNX and Evolve9 today announced the public release of the world leading under 10s tennis development system on BOUNX. After 12 months of academy testing across 3 continents, the new gamified coach management platform of BOUNX has successfully embedded the unique teaching methods of Evolution Kids Tennis and is now open to all tennis academies.

At the Evolution Kids Tennis Coaches Conference, 8-10 February 2022, Mike Barrell, Founder and CEO of Evolve9 and Julian R. Ellison, Founder and CEO of BOUNX opened this new release to tennis academies across the globe to build more excitement, energy and engagement for Under 10s tennis.

Julian R. Ellison, Founder and CEO of BOUNX said, “we have been working closely with Mike and his Evolution Kids Tennis program for the past 12 months and have seen how his systematic approach to coaching U10 kids combined with the unique gamification and feedback functionality built inside BOUNX, creates an advanced but extremely simple system for tennis academies and clubs to deploy.”

Ellison continued, “embedding key elements of the Evolution Kids Tennis program into our system, we have proven that technology and great coaching can combine to create a new and inspired experience for kids to increase the effectiveness of the hours spent on court. We have taken the best of coaching insights, academy operations and video game engagement methods to create a unique and gamified academy management experience right on a real tennis court.”

Mike Barrell commented, “we have seen the BOUNX technology and Evolution Kids Tennis successfully deploy at leading academies in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Learning to play quality tennis is like any sport, it takes commitment and energy. BOUNX, combined with Evolution Kids Tennis provides the fuel for coaches to create a greater sense or fun and engagement for kids, and crucial direction for academies, coaches and parents.”

Mike Barrell added, “sometimes technology can go too far and lose sight of what matters most for coaches and kids. Kids must enjoy their time on court and want to come back to play more. Coaches must use the time they have on court as efficiently as possible and provide a lasting memory to players. And most importantly, academies need to create better and more sustainable business models so they can keep inspiring better tennis. BOUNX is the first sport tech that truly understands the union of the three core elements that power successful academies.”

The BOUNX and Evolve9 collaboration has been in pilot at three locations on three continents and is ready to be deployed at academies around the world.

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About BounxSport

BOUNX is a sports technology company that provides a cloud-based ecosystem for players, clubs, and coaches to increase the use and enjoyment of sport while efficiently managing their business. BOUNX accomplishes this through a web and multi-mobile application platform that helps academies inspire players and coaches to develop a faster path to a better game.

About Evolve9

Evolve9 was founded to help academies develop and implement junior tennis programs. Founder and CEO, Mike Barrell, is recognized as one of the world's experts in kids’ tennis and club programming having been a keynote speaker at three ITF Worldwide Conferences and multiple other National Conferences.

Evolve9 has worked on projects in over 60 countries, supporting the development of Tennis in five continents by implementing child centered principles in programs with the aim of engaging, retaining and developing more young players. Our team includes over 20 associates who are active in programs around the world, bringing a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to the sport.

Bollettieri Invests in BOUNX

It started with a simple message from Coach Bollettieri - Make a platform for Coaches, not the front desk, because Coaches are the ones that deliver the impact. Check out our latest press release.

BRADENTON, FL, USA Feb. 4, 2022 – BounxSport today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement and subsequent investment by legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri and long-time tennis academy management expert Steve Shulla to bring smarter coaching experiences through technology to clubs across the globe.

Julian R. Ellison, founder and CEO of BounxSport, said, “Coach Bollettieri was adamant from the start that the coach should be the foundation of a club management system — so that is what we built. We have been working together for over two years to ensure our BounxSport club management system, that we call Bounx, is a powerful tool for coaches to create a gamified experience for players and that clubs have the right tools to increase revenue.”

Bounx, a sports technology platform from BounxSport, integrates a coach app, a player app and a cloud-based club management system that manages player bookings, check-in and coach feedback that is powered by a complete financial transaction engine. Purpose built for private and group tennis classes, court bookings and club-run tournaments, Bounx has proven that by focusing on eliminating receivables and being efficient with player engagement, revenue per player increases.

“After piloting with sports clubs across the globe for the past two years, we are now ready for a full-market release with a truly unique, gamified club management platform that great coaches will naturally understand how to use and clubs can trust to run their business effortlessly,” Ellison said.

BounxSport took the best of Bollettieri’s insights and combined that with today’s technology to allow coaches “to provide feedback and badges to an individual or entire class in under 21 seconds — right on court,” Ellison said.

Bollettieri said the platform simplifies back-office work for tennis coaches. “We have seen their technology take shape and they have created something very simple, but powerful for tennis coaches to increase engagement, effectiveness and, most importantly, revenue,” he said. “Learning to play quality tennis takes a lot of hard work. Bounx helps make the hard work a little easier and fun for players while helping clubs manage their revenues.”

Steve Shulla, former manager of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy said, “Sometimes technology can go too far and lose sight of what matters most for clubs. Growing revenue is simple — players must enjoy their time on court and desire to come back for more coaching. Bounx turned the traditional club management system model upside down by putting the coach at the core instead of the front desk computer.”

As part of the Bounx and Bollettieri collaboration, Bollettieri and Shulla will take an equity stake in the company and provide ongoing counsel, bringing more than 65 years of coaching experience to the sports technology company.

BOUNX is Open For Business!

After 1.5 years of putting the BOUNX Academy Management platform through the paces in four continents, BOUNX is now introducing full market release for the Gamified system that puts the Coach at the Core.

We Built BOUNX for Coaches Who Give a #$^%

Putting the coach at the core is what has kept BOUNX consistently on court in USA, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany and Australia.

BOUNX Tournaments 2021 - A Wrap

2021 was an exciting year as we rolled out BOUNX Tournaments for the Junior National Tour with TennisMalaysia. Think serious tournament system meets BOUNX gamification. Competition remains fierce but energy intensifies. Check it out.